What Forrest? All I See Are Trees!


Atheist denial is one of the most intriguing things to observe. It is not just a typical sort of denial, but like a denial feed-back loop. Like a denial black hole sucking all information and logic into it by the sheer mass of its refusal to accept reality. This is all made nearly comical by their attempts to come off as rational and unbiased in their opinions about the universe and life. Then it gets outright hilarious when they deny that they have such opinions. Their clumsy attempts at philosophy – a sort of reverse philosophy – is made all the more awkward by their continual denial that they in fact have a philosophy to begin with.

I recently read an article by a guy who described an encounter with a Christian religious movement early in his life. He spoke of how he was disenchanted with the religion of his youth, and how this new spiritual movement appealed to him. He was drawn to it and attended a meeting. Why was he turned off? Because they sat in silence and “meditated”. He said that the experience was boring and therefore he became a “secular humanist”. (He admits that part of the issue was that he was not prepared for the service and this contributed to his feeling awkward.) He commented that he was amazed that he had read about this group, they were Quakers, and had become intrigued only to find that they were meeting in the very city he lived in. Such amazing coincidences, unfortunately he was bored and that is about the end of the Athiest’s pursuit of anything other that perhaps a milk shake. Bored … really.

He then goes on to describe how he then came to the revelation that he had been called to Atheism all along. He knew in that moment of ADHD that his life was always meant to believe in nothing with all of his heart. He realized that he wanted to do good, be a pacifist without believing anything. (It was so cute you almost don’t have the heart to tell him that he is describing a belief.) Yet another testimony to the wonderful religion of Atheism and its self absorbed, narcissistic faith. (After all like this guy says, who wants anyone telling you what right and wrong is?)

In the end I think it is ironic that he admits that he turned from faith in God because he did not have the patience to sit and listen for His voice…


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